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When it comes to parents choosing education for their child, Christian schools are nothing new. However, in the past few years the need for powerful and effective Christian education has increased exponentially. With the direction that many of our public schools and institutions are taking concerning issues that Christians hold with high conviction, the time has never been more crucial than it is right now for The Church to rise up and meet a critical need. Young lives are in desperate need of the Good News, effective education and discipleship.

Christian schools provide parents with a huge opportunity to know what their child is being taught. Christian schools provide a strong foundation for the Gospel of Jesus Christ to be delivered to the students in a way that prepares them for the future. Foundation Christian Academy is committed to providing affordable, solid education, discipleship in the faith, and the consistent presentation of the Gospel so that our students are ready to give an answer for their commitment to Christ.

The model for Foundation Christian Academy is 100% parental involvement. We believe that this is the determining factor to the success of raising up a generation that truly loves and follows Christ.

We invite you to join the journey to raise up Foundation Christian Academy to equip a generation of young believers who have encountered the Good News and presence of the Living God.

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